12 thoughts on “Scenario: Low Energy

  1. Fred N.

    I would make the observation to the group that “It looks like the energy level of the group is low. What do others think?” In this way, I would hope to get the group talking about the issue and clarifying what’s going on in the room if my observation were correct/incorrect. I’d follow it up with “What should we do about it?” if no solutions were offered by the group.

  2. Amy Moseley

    I always try to get the group to identify the behavior or situation. I would ask “How are we operating as a group?” If this doesn’t come out, i would ask “I’m observing low group energy, why do you think this is the case? How should the group address this?”

  3. Neal_Henderson

    I would ask the team what they felt about the energy of the group. If they felt it was low, I would ask what they wanted to do about it, and go from there.. If they felt the energy level was good, or at least acceptable… who has the next question.

  4. Grace

    Would ask the group to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very low, 10 being very high) what they feel the energy level of the team is.
    Then would ask them to consider the impact of this, and what level they would like it to be. Then the group can decide how they will bring it up to that desired level. 🙂

  5. Emily Rogers

    I would ask the group, “How is the energy of the group?” and leave it open for response. Once the responses were aired, I would follow up with “So what does the group want to do about it?”

    If the issue continues, I would ask again but a little more directly, “I have observed low energy in the group, what do others think?” Once they have an opportunity to respond, I would again follow up with “So what does the group want to do about it?”

  6. DrBea Post author

    After asking the standard 3 questions – How are we doing as a group? What are we doing well? And What can we do better? – if the energy level wasn’t addressed I would ask –
    How is the energy level? Assuming the team identified it as low – What can we do to improve the energy level?

    Although it is ok to use the “I’ve observed the energy is low. Has anyone else noticed that?” , personally I am not comfortable with it. For me, it feels like it would run the risk of creating low energy if it only existed in my mind.

    Happy Coaching

  7. camkenzie

    I would ask the group “how are we doing as a group”, “what are we doing well” and “what could we do better”and if they identified that there was an issue or something we could do better I would ask how will the group ensure we do that moving forward. The low energy may be my observation that is not shared or impacting the group, so its important that I ascertain if its impacting the Action Learning Session and if so how they would like to handle it.

  8. Fátima

    I would intervene with the Standard Intervention: In a scale from 1-10 how is them team doing? What the team is doing well? What can we do better?
    If the team realize the energy level is low, “What can we do in order to guarantee the high level of team energy?
    Who has the next question?

    1. V.Vasudevan

      I would ask each member of the team “What he/she feels about the energy level of the team?” If the majority response is that the energy level was low (which would most likely be the case), I would ask them “What would the group like to improve the energy levels?”

      Once the team responds with suggestions I would ask them – “Would you like to implement the suggestions immediately?”, and then get them to continue by asking the standard question “Now who has the next question?”.

  9. William Chew

    I would start by asking the team, “On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, what do you think is the energy within the group?”

    If the individuals’ answers are low (perhaps 6 and below), I would follow this with, “What is the impact on our team’s learning?” “What energy level would you like the team to be at?” “What can we do differently to get from where we are to where we want to be?” “Who has the next question?”

    If the individuals’ answers are high (above 6), I would follow this with, “What can we do to ensure that we keep our energy at this level or even higher?” “Who has the next question?”


    When I find that, the team has low energy. I will ask to the team at first, What are you feeling now? Need we take a break or continue to discuss? How lang is the break time you need?

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