8 thoughts on “Scenario: Missing Action

  1. Julie

    What?, So what?, Now what?…Ask the team…What is going well?, What can be done better?, What is the impact? What would the team like to do about it? keep positive forward motion going and let the team decide how to move forward.

  2. Philip Hsi

    Ask: “What is the impact to the team performance and energy while an agreed action did not happen?”, And then, ask: “What can the team do to cope with that impact?” After the team decide what to do, then ask: “What can the team and member do to ensure all agreed actions to happen as expected?”

  3. camkenzie

    I would ask the group what have we done well followed by what could we do better. If it was acknowledged that the action was not done I would then ask how that impacts the group followed by how would you like to manage it. Its about letting the group deal with the impacts but at the same time not making the concerned individual feel uncomfortble whilst understanding they have impacted a number of other people. By asking how they would like to manage it provides an opportunity for refection on the part of the negligent party in a positive way.

  4. Amy Moseley

    I would ensure that we review the commitments from last meeting. I would ask, how are we operating as a team? After responses (hoping this gets called out in this conversation), “How does the group want to proceed without all the tasks/commitments being complete?”

  5. Fred N

    I agree with the prior posts. I would ask the group what the impact is of people not completing their assigned tasks, and ask how it would like to handle these instances in the future.

  6. najiresearch

    During a time out I would ask questions of the team such as:

    How do you feel about your progress?

    What questions would you like to ask concerning actions/ work outside the coaching sessions?

    What aspects of the process might help the team be useful to the team in between coaching sessions?

  7. Cleo Wolff

    As Action Learning Coach I would start the session asking What actions did you take since last session? What did you learn form these actions or for not having being able to execute the actions? What were the obstacles? What are the opportunities you can see now?How can we help you to get that done? Where are you now? How can we work as a team and help you to complete your task?

  8. DrBea Post author

    Fantastic responses!

    I would ask as other have indicated – What is the impact on the team of the actions not being complete? What did we learn as a result of this? How do we want to proceed?

    Happy Coaching

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