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  1. gracetan

    This actually has happened before … in a 60 min demo session.
    During the session itself, as action learning coach, I would have reminded everyone to demonstrate their leadership skill along the way.

    Usually the prompt(s) would help participants to start and find a way to demonstrate their leadership skill.
    In this case, the participant chose to remain silent throughout the entire session.

    At the end of the session, someone pointed out that this particular participant had not demonstrated their leadership competency – in fact he had said nothing at all.
    ( The particular participant was now turning red in the face )

    I noted the comment, then addressed the team to inform them that we will be sharing how they had demonstrated their learning competency in the session,
    or if they had not demonstrated their learning competency -upon reflection, how they could have demonstrated it during the session.

    When it reached the particular participant’s turn,
    he shared about what he could have done.
    I also asked what prevented him from demonstrating this during the session.
    He gave a reply that “give others chance”.
    ( At this demo session, I noticed that he was the most junior employee and perhaps that was one of the factors )

    I then turned to the team and asked the team to consider what the benefits to the session if he had done what he said (he could have done). They readily mentioned how a different perspective would help, and the insights…
    I ended that portion by then asking the team how they could have helped to achieve this.
    They shared some ideas, and the demo ended with them encouraging him that his perspectives and insights are valued.

    ( At the subsequent Action Learning sessions, the group had a mix of different levels, and he actively contributed )

    Appreciate to hear other experiences from other AL coaches,
    and learning different ways of handling the situation 🙂

    1. Hemant Sagar

      If a group member does not demonstrate any skill at all during the session that needs to be addressed as soon as it is obvious by questions like “How are we doing as a group”and “How is the level of intervention from participants”. If this group member nevertheless manages to sit through the full session without saying a single thing this needs to be addressed during the appreciations and justified by replying to the question “What could you have done better” during the assessment round to eavluate participation.

  2. wendyllwong

    Before the end of the session comes, I would do the last intervention to remind team on their leadership competencies and I would also remind each member to share how did they demonstrate their leadership competencies after the end of the session.

  3. Hemant Sagar

    I would refer myself to the list of participants along with their chosen skills and as soon it becomes noticeable that one is not saying anything I would ask the group “How are we doing as a group?” Once that question has been responded to I would ask “What we could be doing better?”

    Should this not move the person to participate or realize clearly that non-participation is an obstruction I would probably ask “How are our participation levels?

  4. Catherine Chiu

    There are some interesting possibilities. One presumes that this had been noted along the way and the necessary reminders on leadership competencies had been given and check on ‘How we are doing as a group’ made if appropriate. Otherwise apologies are in order!

    What was the leadership competency? Check for ideas from the group on how each would demonstrate this competency.

    Perhaps why this leadership competency was chosen? This could generate some valuable insight into the way choices are made, personal needs and experience.

    Using creativity, there will usually be something that has arisen that can be linked to any one of the leadership competencies so long as there has been engagement in the session.

    It is important to turn this apparent ‘negative’ into a positive gain for the participant.

  5. wial_talk

    Wonderful responses –

    As others have said, I would do the reminders along the way, that I will be asking about the leadership competency.

    Assuming we get to the end – the participant, the team, and I have no examples of the skill being demonstrated. I would ask – in the future what could we do to help you demonstrate that skill in the future?

    Happy Coaching

  6. Marcos Ton

    The AL process must bring reflection to each participant, so if at final session someone not demonstrated leadership skill as combined, I understand that the AL Coach must bring this reflection to all participant of group and not must be personal exposure. Remember that the main and valuable result to be reached is learning.

    Marcos Ton, CALC Brasil

  7. Carla Derijck

    A AL session is a learning environment so I would start with the questions “How are we doing as a group” and follow this up with “How is the level of intervention from participants”. “What could we as a group have done better to improve the level of intervention from participants” ” and at last and if necessary I would ask the person with little or no interventions “what could you have done better?

  8. ZHE LIU

    As a coach, I will occasionally remind to tell the team: don’t forget the leadership skill everyone! Before the end of the session comes, I would also do the last intervention to remind team on their leadership competencies.


    I will try to ask some questions to let team members remind the leadership skill: Except problem soluaiton, What else need we doing during discussion? How could we improve our ledership skill for every participation?

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