9 thoughts on “Scenario: True Leader

  1. Edwin Sim

    Ask the group, if anyone observed any demonstration of that particular leadership skill. Ask them to articulate and support with evidence. After that, validate the particular member and ask the rest what other leadership skills did they observe of others?

  2. Catherine Heath Chiu

    I would make note of the action that supports their leadership skill and when appropriate in the individual leadership competencies at the end of the session, check what others have noted, and add my comment.
    However, if this is an opportunity to focus other participants on utilising their chosen leadership competency when you feel they have not been doing so, then I would intervene to say “Is there any leadership competency you have just noted supported well?” and after response, ” How are we doing as a team in supporting each other?” if appropriate.

  3. Teresa

    I’m not sure that anything special needs to be done. If it was forced/artificial, perhaps a question to this person at the end of the session during the leadership skill debrief such as–how did you identify opportunities to practice your leadership skill? How might you do it differently next time?

  4. Megha Awasthy

    In such a situation, I would have found it inappropriate to divert the attention of the group to focus on what an individual did well. instead, I would note the instance in my “skill observation sheet” and as mentioned in the script (towards the end of the session), ask the individual how he/she thought they did and invite specific feedback from the team members on the chosen leadership skill. Assuming that the person would like some feedback from the coach, I would then mention the incident and very briefly explain how it demonstrated the chosen skill.

  5. wial_talk

    I too would make note of it in the moment. Given that we want to reinforce good skills as well as improve on skills this would be a great opportunity to do that.

    During the next checkin – I would add to the 3 standard questions

    How are we doing with (what ever the demonstrated skill was)? If no one noted it I would ask –
    How about when (person) did (skill)?
    Why is it important that we utilize this skill?
    How can we reinforce the use of this skill?

    Happy Coaching

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