Scenario: Question Question Question

As an Action Learning Coach how would you handle the following situation:

A member asks a particularly energizing question, several members follow this with additional questions before there is time for a response.

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  1. Patricia C. Gonzalez

    This is a great example of a powerful question that elicits multiple responses. The issue is that the multiple reposponses are coming in the form or more questions. As the Action Learning Coach, I would intervene by first referring to the team member who as the “energizing question”, by saying: ” X asked a very energizing question that resulted in several of you asking follow-up questions. How are we doing with getting every question answered?” Secondly, I would ask “what is the impact of having multiple questions being asked and answered at the same time?” And thirdly, once the team becomes aware of the need to answer one question at a time, I would ask,”So how do we want to proceed with all these great questions?”. Perhaps the team will list them and answer one at at time or perhaps each will write down thier question and hold it for the next opportunity to ask.

  2. Eduardo

    I would intervene at this point in the group process and ask the group “how they thought the group was doing at the moment?” With a follow up question, I would asked what they could do more of to enhance the process. I would then proceed by asking them to continue.

  3. gracetan

    I would start with the 3 standard questions:
    1) “How are we doing on a scale of 1 – 10?”
    2) “What are we doing well?”
    and 3) “What can we do better?”

    Assuming this was not identified, I would ask:
    A) “What’s the impact on the team, when additional questions are asked before the ones on the table can be answered?”

    Followed by
    B) “How do we want to handle it from now on?”

  4. William Chew

    I would call for a pause (teachable moment).

    Firstly, I would acknowledge the team for the use of questions before asking the team “On a scale of 1 to 10, how are we doing in answering every question posed?” I would follow up with “What is the impact of having a series of quick-fire questions asked and answered at the same time?”

    Once the team is aware of the effectiveness of asking and answering one question at a time, I would ask the team, “Moving forward, what can we do to make sure all questions are answered?”

    Lastly, I would ask the team “How do we want to handle the questions that were asked?”

  5. Cleo Wolff

    I am afraid I would be very direct. But this is what I do believe we should ask: as soon as I see someone asking another question, I would ask: What is the question you are answering? Probably, they realize that are doing questions instead of answering the original one. I would also say: Keep your question and as soon as everyone wants to answer this question you will ask the team.


  6. Tman

    I think it is important to capture the great questions and not stifle the energy of the team. Therefore I would intervene and ask: I am noticing that questions are not being answered before another question is being asked. How does this impact the team? Is it important to the team to capture all the questions? If they replied yes, I would then follow up with: How does the team want to handle capturing all the questions? If they said no, then I would confirm that that last question on the table was answered before moving on to the next question.

  7. Ben Yung

    This scenario did occur sometimes. I will intervene after the second or the latest when the third question is asked. I will ask the team member who raised the first question “Is your question answered?” Until the member replies “Yes” or the team agree to settle there and go on, I will ask the member raising the second question “Is your question answered?” After the questions have all been replied, and if time is available, I will ask “Team, what did we do well?” and “How can we do better?” Otherwise I will move forward with “Who will have the next question?”

  8. Philip Hsi

    I will intervene the team by saying: “I noticed that questions were asked one after another without been responded.” And then, ask: “What potential risks we are facing while we keep on asking questions without response?”; “What impact to people who asks question and receive no response but another question?; “What can each individual do to avoid the situation happening again?”. And then, ask: “What should the team do to manage the situation if it happens?”

  9. wendyllwong

    This is a common scenario when people are excited. I would intervene “I noted there were questions not being answered, as a team how would you like to handle this?” The purpose was to cool down the team and to let them come up with suggestion to work this out. This would also become a good learning point to be shared at the end of the session.

  10. wial_talk

    First we need to remember that there is no rule that a questions must be answered.

    I would start with the 3 standard questions, How are we doing as a team on a scale of 1 – 10? What are we doing well? and What can we do better?

    Assuming it was not addressed – I would follow with

    I’ve observed a number of questions have been asked without responses, did anyone else notice that?
    What is the impact on the team?
    How do we want to handle it?

    Happy Coaching

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