4 thoughts on “Scenario: Taking Notes

  1. nelojones

    if I realise nobody is taking note during a session i will ask the question – how do we intend to document our findings and proceedings from this session? i expect the team to say that they will take notes then i will further ask them if they would like to appoint a note taker and if so they should go ahead and appoint somebody.

  2. Onyinye

    I would ask the team “how well are we doing with gathering all the knowledge and information being shared so far?”.Depending on the response I might decide to ask all the participants to read out all they have personally written down.After the brief exercise when they have read out(or not) I would ask them f they would be comfortable with appointing a member to take notes or if they would all now want to start taking notes

  3. Hermann Funk

    I would start with three standard questions:
    1) How are we doing as a team on a scale of 1-10?
    2) What are we doing well?
    3) What can we do better?
    If the lack of note taking is not covered during the above I shall ask, how to assure that the findings are documented and whether there is a volonteer to take notes?

  4. DrBea Post author

    I too would start with the standard 3 questions. If the lack of documentation didn’t come up – I would ask – “How do we want to capture what we’ve done so far?” Typically, at this point someone says – I’m taking notes. Either way I’d ask – “why is it important that we document what takes place in our sessions?” and I’d finish with – “what is the best method to document what takes place here?”

    from there i would leave it for the team to own it.

    Happy Coaching

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